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  • Management information in one environment
  • Identify trends and problems on time
  • Monitor business processes easily
  • Use your data efficiently
  • On every device, anywhere, anytime
The navigator for your business

DataDash will provide real-time information about sickness leave, production hours of a specific department or manager. Provides know-how about how long it takes for a purchase request to be approved. Or which project or product generates the most of revenues. All of an organizations key insights in one simple dashboard. DataDash gives power to total control.

It’s easy to create dashboards with DataDash on an intuitive way. No longer spilling time on gathering information and building management reports. Combining multiple external and internal data sources easily to create the most powerful analyses.

Not just a product

Our primary target is providing outstanding service. When you choose for DataDash, we will perform an extensive review of the organization to determine which data is needed to get the best insights in key factors that support the strategic goals. Our team is multidisciplinary which enables us to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Creating dashboards yourself

Because of the simplicity of DataDash, it’s easy to maintain DataDash within your own organization. There is no more need of extensive support from specialists. We will introduce DataDash with a one day training, and of course we will help you if there are any further questions. Our consultants are dedicated to give you the most pleasant experience possible and will be available to assist you. You can also let our experts create and build the dashboards you want. In this way, you can focus on leading the organization.

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DataDash is created by DataVase. Years of experience in data analytics, information technology, consulting in process improvements and providing optimal services are the basis for the powerfull management information system DataDash.

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