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Rob Vaes

IT Programmer and initial founder of DataDash. With more than 25 years of experience there is no challenge he cannot face. Rob is specialized in analyzing business processes and developing customer software programs to support the business processes. Also familiar with the latest mobile and web solutions. A true passionate professional who exercise his hobby for a living.

Kenny Vaes

Sales & finance. Supports DataDash in optimizing the social media sales channels. Kenny is responsible in financial transactions in the back office. And is also responsible for the functional and graphic development of DataDash.

Ramon Vaes

Communications and marketing. As a commercial specialist responsible for the (digital) transmission of the total experience that DataDash offers. Ramon is specialized in recruiting IT specialists (consultants) who implement DataDash at our customers.

Johan Ulijn

Johan has more than 20 years of experience as IT developer. He is also an ERP consultant, specialized in IFS Applications. Johan finds practical solutions for our customers.


Several IT specialists are working for DataVase and have great ideas for improving DataDash continuously. We ensure all our consultants will have the technical knowledge and expertise of your systems.

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DataDash is created by DataVase. Years of experience in data analytics, information technology, consulting in process improvements and providing optimal services are the basis for the powerfull management information system DataDash.

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